How to make good Hybrids bases.

Posted onDec 1st, 2018
Author augustrsx
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Number 1:
Put your Town Hall in the middle of your base
Put your Town Hall together with some defenses and the resource you want to protect most. (Mostly this is Dark Eliksir, if you don't have this yet, put the storage you want to save op for instead)

The defenses you want to put in the middle are:
Clan Castle, Xbows, and/or Hidden Teslas. If you do not have any of these defenses, put your mortars in the middle with your clan castle.
Wall it up.
Now put walls around the little space you've created.
Number 2:
Put your other defenses around the middle space
You should have created a middle space after doing the first step.
Now you need to put your other defenses around. These defenses should be; Wizard towers or Mortars if you haven't used them beside your Town Hall. If you want to, you can also put your Teslas and Xbows here,
Number 3:
Make different spaces.
Don't just make one long wall, make separate walls that divide the different structures you have; Preferably three to four structures in each section.
Number 4:
Protect your resources.
Remember to guard your resources, they are important, as you need to level up your defense and troops.
Put them together with two defenses preferably, and make sure that other defenses are able to reach them as well.
Bonus Number:
Make your base symmetrical.
You might think that making your base symmetrical only serves the purpose of making your base look nice, but it also helps to make your base not have any sninjas that are weaker than the others. If your base is asymmetrical you might have a corner or side that is weaker than all of the others. That will give your opponent a better opportunity to win against you. If your base is symmetrical, this is impossible, your base will no matter what be as strong on each side or corner, and it will be easier to keep control of making each side strong.
Of course, this will also make your base look much cooler ;-)