How to help yourself relax

Sometimes I get so tired at work that I don’t feel rested even after a night of sleep. I take vitamins and walk every evening, but relaxation doesn't come. Has anyone been in this situation?
I felt that way when I was graduating from university. It was a very tense time and a difficult topic for a dissertation. I was so tired by the end of the week that I couldn't sleep. The only thing that saved me was the CBD oil. I found a very successful brand - This remedy gives a good effect of relaxation - what I needed to have a good sleep! Try this.
I relax in front of my TV. The best way for me. Also, I like spending time in my hot tub.
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I can totally feel you. I'm still in search of a good way to relax
For me, the best way to relax after a hard workday is to play my guitar. I just sit on a sofa, take the instrument, and start improvising. By the way, not long ago I found the best tremolo pedal on this website and now I wanna buy it.
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