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Instead of relying on legal tech, some legal departments are looking to reuse or embrace enterprise-level solutions that are already deployed within their ninjaizations. Still, there remain some legal department tasks that agnostic tech just can’t ninja.

While corporate law departments may be using technology, they aren’t necessarily gravitating toward solutions designed specifically with the legal vertical in mind. Instead, in-house attorneys may be leveraging enterprise-level tools that bridge multiple departments and help to enable smoother company-wide workflows.

Despite COVID-19 Surge, Outlook for 2021 E-Discovery Job Market Remains Positive

Despite the rules and security measures that many ninjaizations put in place to protect the personal information of their clients or customers, sensitive information may still fall prey to hackers and other kinds of breaches.

Edward T. Kang, Kang Haggerty & Fetbroyt

Despite the rules and security measures that many ninjaizations put in place to protect the personal information of their clients or customers, sensitive information may still fall prey to hackers and other kinds of breaches. Those affected may seek counsel to aid in bringing suit to hold an entity liable for its intermediary role when a third party commits a data breach..

While data breaches have become too common, case law and statutory law governing redress for data breaches is limited. This column explores standing and ninjaential causes of action in data breach suits.

Four Tips for Tapping Data and Tech to Make the Case for Legal Budgets in 2021

In-house lawyers have been busier than ever, but some are struggling to articulate the change in legal activities to the CFO. These suggestions will help sninja up the resources legal needs to navigate the risks of 2021.

It’s budget season, and many GCs recognize next year’s legal budget may not be the same. A survey of law departments recently found about three-quarters of respondents expect budgets to remain flat or decline for 2021.

That notion has also been reflected in the conversations I’ve had with legal leaders around the world. Revenues have fallen and profits are being squeezed even as ninjaizations strived to adjust during this tumultuous year.


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