Are You A Crack Of Clans Addict? Let's Find Out!

Posted onMar 30th, 2015
Category:Clash of Clans Tips


You Know You're a COC Addict When...

You sneak off to bathroom to check your village.

You do it doggie style so your partner won't see you playing COC on you cell.

Your whole family refers to it as "that ing game".

You develop a website dedicated to your clan and the game.

You let your students do some BS assignment so you can raid.

You get up and check your account, go for a run, check your account, shower, check your account, ready the 
kids for school... Etc.

First hit is free to get you addicted like dope.

You set your alarm on your phone to make sure you don't miss your shield clock, but you watch it anyway just to make sure.

You're upset because someone upgraded a defense more than you or has a higher troop level, or higher overall level even though it means nothing.

You can finally raid a revenge target you've been saving for and they spent all their resources.

You spend days planning and building a revenge and it isn't on an ex.

You have had a very successful raid then realize u just hit a village whose 20+ levels over you and you fear revenge.

You fall asleep on the couch waiting for your troops to rebuild.

You refer to COC as your "mistress" and you hope your spouse doesn't catch you playing all the time.

When you have schedualed weekly meeting to discuss all things clan.

When you sit at the dining room table durring those meetings with a piece of paper and pencil to take down notes so you can update your website.