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I have fixed that thread, and the next update (should be in a few hours) will stop that particular problem from occurring again - however there is some reason why your session is not being registered properly with the server which is what is causing you to have to re-login, I will see if I can work out what is happening.

The problem with the edit cursor is a peculiarity of this edit control - it requires you (only on an ipad or iphone) to tap just under the toolbar to focus on it rather than anywhere in the text area like a normal text box - I will see if I can make a workaround for it because it is quite annoying.

Red Dragon

Ok, many thanks.

Black Forest

How do you Sticky a thread in your clan forums so it stays on top? Thanks


Currently there isn't a way but I will try to add a button for it in the next day or so

(edit: Leaders can change the Thread status in the drop down next to the title now when creating or editing a thread)


Cool Glitch When You CLick Your Tesla The Inferno Tower Moves!



ninjao, I do have a problem with the ability to create a layout. I am not able to change the townhall level and i am also not able to save it bcause i cannot not put in a title or anything. Please fix this because i have some really creative layout ideas!


Hi mruniverse9, can you let me know what internet browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and what device (eg: PC, Mac, iPhone 3/4/5, iPad 1/2/3, etc...) you are running?

Guerreros de Jah

I cant recover my password so I had to create this account to ask for help. I have asked for it so many times and waited tons of time... nothing was received. I have also check the spam folder, nothing there either. Please help!


I've been working now with this account, so if the other one may be deleted and change this username and email that would be fine too...


Thanks for your attention!


Hi GenralSanc,

can you PM me your original username or email address and I can reset the password for you if you like.

To send a PM go to the Account Home page and click "New Message" on the left



The Republic

I just posted a thread in my alliance forums, and it links to the thread fine, but at the top it says "Shire Posse" is the clan forum I'm posting in, and that is not our clan... Weird bug... but it's repeatable, I have no choice but to repeat it. I'm not sure if it is actually posting it into the Shire Posse forums or not. My Alliance can read it, but it's still annoying, because if you click clan home or clan forum from there, it thinks you are trying to go to their clan home or forum, and obviously because I'm not a part of their clan, it says I can't go there.


My clan, 'the republic', Alliance is 'the allied states of the Republic', our other clan is called 'Pleonexia' though I'm sure that's not relevant. The clan it seems to be posting into is called 'Shire Posse'. Not sure if they can read it or not, but I don't want them to be able to.


I'm on a mac, on chrome.


EDIT: Update: I found every thread in our alliance is equally afflicted by this bug. I made another thread called bug test that explains it pretty well. If you click clan home, it shows three players in The Shire (again, this is not our clan). If you click clan forum or settings, you wont have the permission because I'm obviously not a part of Shire Posse.


I'm beggining to really despise Shire Posse without any real reason. PLEASE FIX THIS TRELLEBORG!!! It should be linking me back to my alliance anyway, not any clan... So it should say at the top "The Allied States of the Republic" where it is now saying 'Shire Posse', and the links to clan home, and clan forum, should be alliance home, and alliance forum, right?

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