Best Attack with Giants, Archers and Healers

Posted onOct 22nd, 2014
Author Mohilkhare
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

You can make the most out of your attack if you get this lineup: 1. Giants (Level 3 or up) - 7 2. Archers (Level 4 or up)- 66 3. Healer (Level 1 or up)- 1 Firstly, bring out the Giants and let them attack on the Air Defense and Archer Tower. Once they are destroyed, bring out Healer and let her do the magic. Now, bring your Archers in an arc form focusing on the resources outside the wall. By the time Giants will destroy the defense, your Archers will make the most out of base. This way you can win epic battles in an easy way. NOTE: This attack can be enhanced with Spells. Make sure that Giants destroy the Mortar as it can cause massive damage.