Fast loot for TH8

Posted onNov 5th, 2014
Author GalaxyLife
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

With the exception of dark elixir, this attack stragety should easily give you an attack profit if 250000 gold and elixir. 100 barbarians and 100 archers (level 5) cost 30000 elixir to train. 10 min of searching makes 30 min to train and attack. So you can get about 500000 gold and elixir in 1 hr. Dark elixir is hard to get unless you can drill way into the base, or if the drill is on the outside. Use a wave of barbarians and a row of archers for rows of pumps and mines. Make sure to save enough troops to pick off 50% or the TH, so you don't lose too many trophies.