Lower-level troop combinations.

Posted onDec 17th, 2014
Author Oushaba
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

A few troop combos that can be used: BARCH (Barbarians/Archers) - Cheap and effective way to annihilate a base. Use about 4/9 an Army Camp of Barbs, the rest Archers. GiBARCH (Giants/Barbarians/Archers) - Used to take down more defended bases. Cheap and effective. 50/50 on Barbs and Archers, the rest Giants. GiWiz (Giants/Wizards) - Damaging troop combination, unstoppable if used correctly. Can be expensive at times. Not recommended if saving elixir. Use more wizards than giants. BAG (Barbarians/Archers/Goblins) - Cheap, damaging, and money-making troop combination. Used for gaining loot and gaining trophies, 50/50 on all troop forces. Giblin (Giant/Goblins) - Unusual combination, but are effective, more goblins than giants. These are some of the many troop combinations for attacking. Use wisely!