Trophies for Resources

Posted onDec 31st, 2014
Author Bhavuk123
Tagsif you are gone for long, if you dont have need or have resources in excess
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

I know many people would think that the people who do that are ninja, but this actually works- 1. Stack up all your resources at 1 corner(if you want to save your storages, then you can put them on the other corner with the defences 2. The mines and collecters could be used for this purpose 3. Make sure this corner when fully destroyed is not more than 50%(preferably 40) 4. Stack up all the other buildings, with walls on the other corner 5. If after destroying 1st corner, the troops will die fast due to the high range of defences 6. Dont forget to change your base after this 7. People will run after your resources and grant you trophies 8. Works best if you are gone for long