War Stars

Posted onJan 1st, 2015
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

I find alot of players, use clan wars to Farm.. this is a big no, farming is for farming, wars are for wars... so here is a few suggestions for people who seem to be getting kicked out of clans for attacking to high... When in a war you want to look at your rank, if you rank 10 in the clan look at there rank 10 and determinant if you can 3 star him/her or not.. if you can go ahead and try it. if you can not look at the person 1 or even 2 below you own rank and attack.. Now also when waring, DO NOT take just archers or just barbs, or even a mix of both, that is the worst attack anyone can make in any war. try mixing it up a bit, there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to attack, use your head, and 3 star