Clan War Tactics (Fixed)

Hey there!
     I'm Peaze1113 of the clan BlackPearl (Malaysia). This is THE EXACT COPY of my previous tips which was pretty badly created so I decided to do it again. I hope no one would accuse me of taking someone else's credits or even accuse me of stealing. Once again I'm sorry I can't put in some images because the same errors keep on popping out. Well, here we go.
There are 4 phases during every war and every one of them are essential in determining a win.
The phases are:
Phase 1: Choosing
Phase 2: Search
Phase 3: Preparation
Phase 4: Attacking
     During the Choosing phase, a Leader/Co-leader will first select those who will partininjate in the war. The chosen ones are preferably discussed first to avoid many unexpected events like


  • someone who will be busy doing errands/works/cninjas for a while,
  • someone who ran out of data packages and won't be having internet,
  • someone who won't be around during the war for certain occasions,


The chooser should also consider choosing those with the right qualities. Those who cooperate well and follows the strategies that will be determined. Some just won't listen to you and later on will be paranoid and just solo the war, making your clan lose. 
     In this phase, there's nothing much that I can say. After the Choosing phase, the Leader/Co-leader will then press the search button and the system will find an evenly match for your clan. This process may take a while and there's nothing you can do about it -- unless you want to cancel the search. In the process, you can only hope for easy opponents. Good luck! 
     The moment the system finds the right match for your clan, a war is then officially declared between your clan and the opponent's clan (NOTE: YOU CAN'T DECLARE A NEW WAR UNTIL THE CURRENT ONE ENDS). And once the war is declared, there will be a notification in the war section, telling you that Preparation Day has begun and you have 24-hours to prepare yourselves. During this time, you can scout the enemies' war bases, donate troops in each others' war castles and edit your war bases.
Change your clan's type to CLOSED or INVITE ONLY in the clan section. This is to avoid enemy spies from joining and steal important information like troops donated and trap arrangements.
Everyone in both clans can scout each other's war bases unlimitedly.
Here are some tips for scouting:    

  •  You and your fellow clanmates need to think out who will attack who so that there won't be any mistakes like someone didn't have a chance to attack or the strongest one attacking the weakest ones. This would affect teamwork therefore sacrificing the clan's performance. In my clan, we would first let the strong ones attack the strong foes and leaving the weaker foes for the rest to attack. Or, sometimes we will attack the recommended targets by the system if we're not confident on winning against stronger foes.
  • This might be considered cheating, but it is still strategy. If the enemy clan has a low trophy requirement or allows people to get in freely, send in a spy and take a look at what kind of troops they have in their castles. ninjap on the traps they hid. I wouldn't consider this cheating when the enemy does the same to you.
  • Just keep scouting their base often. They might change their layout to trick you in believing they're still using their old layouts. You have 24-hours so use that time to look at the enemy and think of a perfect attacking strategy.

Only partininjants of the war can donate to each other troops. The troops
in your war castle is different than your normal castle. War
troops are for war.
Here are some tips for donating:

  • Discuss with your clanmates for the high-leveled guys to donate high-leveled troops to defend everyone's war bases. No need to be stingy, THIS IS A WAR. Low-leveled troops would be useless and can be ninjaed easily. Leaving weak bases vulnerable.
  • Donate versatile, durable and powerful troops. The most common choice is the almighty wizard. He can attack both air and ground units, has high health, high damage, and does area splash damage which is useful to ninja mass giants, archers, barbarians or minions. For large castles, dragons can be donated because it's just like the wizard but better. Minions are nice too.
  • NEVER EVER donate Wall Breakers, Goblins or Healers. Remember that war castle troops are for defending your base not attacking. The normal castle troops are the one who will be attacking. If you really miss those bombers and thieves, request some on your normal castle and use them to attack the enemy.

     Editing war bases won't change your normal base. Just like normal editing,
you can edit as much as you want as long as it's still Preparation
Day. After that, you can't change anything.
Here are some tips for editing war bases:


  • During Preparation Day, work hard and play hard to upgrade your defences and walls as fast as you can. It's easy if you're a gemmer, just gem up. Once Preparation Day ends, you can't do anything else and just watch your base just like that. Messy. Inefficient.
  • One of the best sites to refer for war base layouts is here. Just browse the top layouts that have already been improvised, heavily criticised for better results, oftenly ninjad and always is a success. Browse for war base layouts for town halls of your level and copy them. Those nice layouts will increase the chance for your base to defend against an attack.
  • DO NOT make your layouts exactly the same as one of your mates. If your enemy can 3-star his base, so can he do it to yours. It's like answering the same questions in an exam all over again in your next semester. The enemy will already know how to deal with it!
  • Loot isn't so important during wars. It is better to protect your town hall and other buildings to reduce the chance of the enemies to even get a star. I put my storages in the four corners of the map and they only could get 1-star.

    Once Preparation Day ends, Battle Day starts. Everyone will have 24-hours to use their attempts and get stars for their clans. Every partininjant is given 2 attempts to attack any target of their choice even though the system recommends a target to them. Make sure everyone in your clan uses both attempts. Even a star can make a big difference.
Here are some tips on attacking:


  •      Everyone has 2 attempts to attack the enemy so use them wisely. DO NOT attack the same target twice. If you already failed the first attempt, why would you try the second time when you know you can't? Just let someone to take care of him.
  • Attack the right foe. That means, don't waste your attempts attacking someone with a higher town hall level than you or has better defenses to counter your troops. But you must not attack way too weak foes neither. That would be unfair and just a waste of a precious attempt! Leave the weak ones for the rest of your mates.
  • For strong foes, just try to get 1-2 stars if possible. If you and your mates know you can't do it, just leave it having 1-2 stars. DON'T attack targets with a considerable number of stars already. If the strongest guy in your clan can't even get a star, why would you even try? Just leave him and focus on weaker targets.
  • This one's very important. Lure out the clan troops of your enemy first and ninja them. Then, destroy their base. War castles can be a surprise -- especially when there's level 6 wizards in them! If you just throw all your troops single-mindedly, they would be easily ninjaed by wizards or dragons or Minions and leaving you nothing to destroy even a builder's hut.
  • Focus on area splash defences. They can wipe out your mighty mass of troops in a few blasts. Before these are destroyed, only put enough troops to destroy them. After that, there will only be single-target defences and you can happily throw all your men and destroy the enemy.
  • A variety of troops is more useful than just full Archers or dozens of Giants. Train Giants to soak up damage while Archers and Barbarians back up the Giants and destroy other buildings. Don't forget to use spells too! They can be very useful at some times.


I'm very sorry about the previous version of this guide which was mistakenly entitled as "Enter a detailed title of your tip". There were lots of typos and mistakes and this fixed version is hopefully even more understandable and helps people a lot. :) Cheers and happy clashing!