*Master Air Attacks*

Posted onMar 27th, 2015
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

 Heyo! It's the guy with the username that everybody hates. Today i want to show you about some of the most powerful attacks in the history of clash! Air Attacks! While very useful, These attacks are very powerful and sometimes hard to handle, but The main ones used are:

  1. Balloonion
  2. B.D.M
  3. All Dragons

     Balloonion is a powerful strategy that people with a town hall 7 can use to attack town hall level 8, though there are a few things to watch out with all of these, such archer queens, wizard towers, and air defences
1: To use balloonion, you want to look at the defenses first to figure out the path where the balloons will go, then you place the balloons where the air-attacking defenses are weaker than the other areas in a straight line, then place your minions the same after the balloons were placed
2: B.D.M, a strategy consisting of balloons, dragons, and minions. This is similar to balloonion as you place your dragons first, spread out evenly in a straight line, then place your balloons and minions as you would with balloonion
3: All Dragons: Basically, the king of the air attacks and the most expensive for town hall 7 and above, bring a few lightning spells and place them on an air defence, then you place your dragons near the remaining air defences.
Spells: It is essential in every air attack to bring 1 lightning spell and 1 healing spell if your spell factory is level 2, 2 rage spells and 1 lightning for lvl 3, 3 rage 1 lightning for lvl 4, and 1 lightning 2 rage and 2 freeze for level 5. remember to use the lightning spells to take out the lan castle troops, rage to enrage your balloons (and if 2, or if 3) dragons and use the freeze to freeze infernos and x-bows one the troops reach the center (if you have freeze and there are infernos or x-bows)
Wallbreakers: You may want to consider adding wallbreakers to your air attack compisition if, and only if you have the barbarian king, or archer queen, or both! Don't place your heros after all of your other troops are used besides wallbreakers are destroyed unless you know you are getting a 3-star and want to sninjad up the prosess. if not, you simply use the wallbreakers when all of the other troops are dead and use them to break into the compartments left by the attack. then send your hero(s) in to grab more structures from the inside.
Have a nice day cool