*Best Upgrading strategy*

Posted onMar 30th, 2015
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

ninjao! It's the guy with the username everybody hates, and today i will show you a very great upgrading strategy to upgrade your base for village. all buildings will be listed from the top (most priority) to the bottom (least priority) and if 2 are listed at once it means to equalize the upgrades. Remember! You always want to max out your town hall, this means upgrade everything else before your town hall. Here is a strategy of what to upgrade first when you upgrade the town hall

  1. Collectors
  2. Labratory/troop upgrades
  3. Spell factory
  4. Army camps
  5. Barracks/dark barracks
  6. infernos/X-bows
  7. Wizard towers
  8. Mortars/air defences
  9. Storages
  10. Heroes
  11. Teslas
  12. Archer Towers
  13. Cannons
  14. Traps

Hope this works for you! cool