The Giant Archer | Farming/Trophies *FULLPROOF STRATEGY*

Posted onApr 7th, 2015
Author Syreds
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

The Giant Archer | Farming/Trophies:
So this tip is focusing on Town Halls 6 - 7 and Players in League Silver 1. If you are not these Town Halls or League Silver 1 or lower, try the strategy at your own risk!
* Yet if you ARE one of these 2 Town Halls then I am going to tell you how to get a 2 - 3 star on every Raid in Silver 1 or below. (This raid strategy COULD be used for Gold III but I wouldn't recommend this strategy for those higher leagues)
* What you will need:
- Giants (x11) [Level 3+]
- Archers (x60 - x75) [Level 3+]
- Wall breakers (x3) [Level 3+]
- Healer (x1) [Level 1+]
- Heal Spell (x2) [Level 2+]
- Clan Castle Troops (Dragon, Hog riders or Giants) 
* NOTE: Depending what level army camps you have you may need to mess around with your troop composition, but I recommend changing your Archer count if you have a lower - higher leveled army camps.
Average Waiting Time:
Troops: 35m
Spells: 30m - 1h
Step 1: Eliminate ANY and ALL Air Defenses using 5-11 of your giants and use the Aid of 2-3 of your Wall breakers to breach through!(Watch for ninjaential Spring Traps) 
Step 2: Once the Air Defense is at low health or eliminated, use your Healer! (If your Giants are low health and can't take out the Air Defense in time, drop 1 of your 2 Heal Spells)
Step 3: Now that the enemy's Air Defense is taken out, focus on which defenses the giants go for first and the direction they are heading (Sometimes, the giants may split! If this is so to happen, use your Heal spells on the Group of Giants that the Healer is not focused on once they reach low health!)
Step 4: Drop down your archers as you please, but be VERY CAUTIOUS of Splash Damage Defenses, if the Defenses are single-fire, then pile them into a group if you please, but avoid Splash Damage Defenses at ALL TIMES! (The only time you may void this rule is if the Giants are distracting the splash defense or if you are certain the Archers may take the Defense out)
Step 5: By the time the Defenses are destroyed you may have 50s or more time remaining, use this time to get any loot and drop the rest of the archers you have! (Save at least 15 archers)
Step 6: With the saves 15 Archers, use them to attack Loot that is not being attacked or he Town Hall depending if you are using this strategy for Farming or Trophies!
* I hope this worked for you and good luck raiding! Happy Clashing!!
                              - Syreds