High Level Massive Air-only attack strategy

Posted onJul 12th, 2013
Author Memoriuhl
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

[40 Minions 2 Dragons 16-20 balloons] (I use this strategy except with lvl 5 minions -> lvl 3 Dragons -> lvl 6 Balloons) Decide where to attack on the base. (find a place where any fire from stronger wizard towers or air-defense is minimal) place 1 minion in an area in which you think any air bombs/mines may be hidden, if no air bombs attack it then begin the slaughter. Place all minions while moving finger in a side to side motion. (if spread out minions could die out quickly) after placing minions allow them to make their way few a bit, if attacking to take out an air-defense let them destroy that. Now, place you balloons in a bit more of a spread out fashion you want these to move to separate defenses rather than slowly making their ways to each individual defense in only 2 groups you won't finish the match in time. after placing these balloons place your two dragons behind them the dragons act as great back-up for your balloons and they are the strongest air troop that attacks any buildings. Dragons will help along with any remaining minions to take out storage's and/or important buildings for that final 100%. ENJOY!