How To Push to champs as a th8

Posted onMay 31st, 2015
Category:Attack Strategies

First Step: Make Sure To Snipe The Town Hall Until Around 2200 Cups. From There On If You Have GoWipe (2 Golems,3 Pekkas, 1 Archer, 8 Wallbreakers, 12 Wizards.) Start To Use GoWipe Around This Cup Range. Look For Bases Were The Town Hall Is On The Outside Or Close To It. This Will Increase Your Chances For A 2-3 Star.

step two: part 1

Step two is boost your barracks this will help in many ways. You won't log off while waiting for troops as they will train 2 times faster! this will decrease the amount of times people will attack you.

step two: part 2

Place your town hall outside.This will decrease the amount of cups you lose in each battle. Leaving the town hall inside will pretty much get your whole base demolished by a higher player.

Step three the final step

Have a good donating clan. Make sure your clan castle is filled with maxed troops to help defend your base from a full attack. I know that in champs its mostly maxed players so if your a Town Hall 8 your not gonna really defend against a maxed gowipe. Its just hand to keep like some maxed wizards in your cc because if they try to do a giant attack the wizards will destroy them in a matter of seconds.