How to Correctly Use Farming Strategy "BAM"

Posted onJun 16th, 2015
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

 Recently, I've been getting into using BAM, or Barbarian, Archer, and Minion. I've been using this mainly for Dark Elixer farming and normal raiding. Anyways, for BAM to work, you need AT LEAST 180 army camp space, I suggest 85 barbarians, 75 archers,  and 10 minions. First, find the perfect farming base (one that either has their gold and elixer storages outside, or has a lot of stuff in their collecters and mines). Then, use your barbarians and archers to clear out your targets. If the base is strong, you might not achieve 50%. At this time, you send out your minions to finish off some random buildings on the outskirts, or some inside walls that is not protected by Air Defense nor Archer Tower (though you never know if there are Air Mines/Seeking Air Bombs). With that done, you can go home with tons of loot and a few shiny trophies.
~ Good luck, and Clash On! ~