I have a thought...

Posted onApr 26th, 2018
Author Rick Sanchez
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

If I were to attack your "farming" base in search of loot,  I would just attack from the bottom where most of your storages are sitting basically defenseless. Sure I probably won't get trophies but I just got 500k Gold and 500k Elixir of your hard earned loot. (Assuming you have a decent amount when I attack of course.) Ok, Step One: Put all of your storages in the middle surrounding your clan castle then put some walls (your best walls first if you have multiple levels) around them. Step Two: Put a plethora of defenses around those walls then put some walls around those, Note: If you can fit your collectors inside the walls that's great because those can provide a lot of loot sometimes, making them valuable if your intention is actually farming. Step 3: place your leftover buildings ie. Builder Huts, Army Camps, Barracks, Spell Factories, Research Laboratory and any other leftover Collectors you may have on the outside to distract troops while your defense does what they do. They really have to go through a lot to get to your hard earned loot this way. Don't take my criticism personal. I promise you'll be better off for it. Step 4: Throw your Town Hall on the outside of your walls along with your "Step 4" buildings. If you get attacked by trophy seekers, more often than not they will take the star from the Town Hall and surrender, leaving you with the vast majority of your loot. Step 5: Place traps and bombs wherever you feel suited. I personally like to put my Giant Bombs and/or Spring Traps in gaps right outside my exterior walls hoping to kill some wall breakers because nothing can mess up an attack like a Wall Breaker dying before they achieve their glory. Of course every now and then someone will take you for all you're worth because there will always going to be someone better, but I bet you see positive results more often than not. Note that when I say positive, I mean only the amount of loot saved. You will lose trophies with this farming strategy. A price all Farmers pay. I like to think of it as a free shield for half of the day so that your noble villagers may do their farming in peace.
Just a thought.
This is Mr. B, aka Captain Brown Beaver, aka Danny Bash, aka Your Mom's Friend From Work;
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