How to make effective design?

Posted onDec 18th, 2013
Author dip.bane
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Hi Mates, I am a regular player of COC, I am playing for "Great Maratha" clan & my name is "KnightGhost" and love to make strategic design,
Currently I owned TH8 and in hybrid TH8 section, My two designs on top 3 on "top layout" page.
So, let me tell you how to make effective design.
1. While you start design just consider how many defense you are carrying? (i.e.: for TH8 we are having 5 Archer tower, 5 Cannons, 3 Wizards, 3 Tesla, 3 Mortars & 3 Air defense)
2. Now while placing all defense keep in mind that long distance attack should be inside, medium distance should be mid size and short distance should be out side on your design. (The reason is while giants are deployed on attack, they used to target nearby defense and while you design like this ninjaod they used to attack on short range defense hence at that time mid range & long range defense can easily take down giants, so you can save that much portion)
3. All placement should be on geometric dimension. (e.g.: for TH8 you have 3 mortar & 3 air defense so it should be placed on 120 degrees each.)
4. Keep Archer Tower & Cannon alternate to make your effective defense. (The reason is Archer Tower can take down air & ground defense while Cannon can take only ground defense)
5. If you are on farming, keep Wizard Tower (WT) beside of your storage so WT can take down mass attackers like goblins or archers.
6. Walls are not too much effective on 1400+ trophies so at that moment just keep targeting upgrades of full defense and in between keep updating walls.
7. Rather to keeping all resources on single place, keep them on various distance on various place so if you got attack from any corner you can save your resource as they are distributed on various locations.
8. While you are placing your gold collector & elixir collector keep them on alternate so if any attacker attack from any side you can save your some amount of gold or elixir. Hope these ideas will help you out to create a strong design. Looking forward for your valuable comments with your COC castle name & individual player name as well. Thanks mates for reading these tips. keep commenting and sharing. KnightGhost, Great Maratha Clan.