Attack Strategy: 150 Capacity (TH6[0-1400)]

Posted onJan 20th, 2014
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Most of the time, good attacking strategies are meant for higher players levels that have much more space in their army camps. Us TH6's are completely forgotten about! We only have 150 troop capacity! Therefore, I have experimented and come up with the best attacking strategy. Army Composition (3 [level 6] army camps): 10 (level 3) giants, 2 (level 1) healers, 3 (level 3) wallbreakers, 8 (level 3) wizards, 11 (level 3) barbarians, 11 (level 3) archers, 12 (level 3) goblins. Clan Castle (level 3) troops: 4 (any level) giants. Spells: 1 (level 3) healing spell, 1 (level 3) lightning spell. Step 1: Find a base with exposed air defenses. Lure out the clan castle troops. If there are troops in the clan castle, ninja them using your lightning spell. Step 2: Then, using some of your wallbreakers, break the walls and deploy all of your giants and clan castle troops. Immediately after deploy one of your healing spells. Step 3: After the air defense is destroyed, drop both of your healers. Deploy the rest of your wallbreakers to try and open up more compartments. Step 4: Deploy your barbarians in a line behind the giants. Be sure to spread them out in case of splash defenses. Do the same with your goblins, and then your archers as well. Step 5: Finally, place your wizards behind everything, so that it is extremely unlikely that they will be attacked by defenses. Step 6: Wait until the battle is over. The likeliness of getting a three star using this strategy against another TH6 is probably 95%. This is because there is only 1 air defense. The likeliness against a TH7 with upgraded air defenses would be 33.3% for a three star and 80% for at least a one star. I suggest that you do not attack well upgraded TH8's with any attack strategies if you are only a TH6. I hope this strategy was thorough and well- explained. I hope this strategy worked as well for you as it did for me. Thank you for reading! ;D