Posted onJun 12th, 2014
Author LilSpank17
Tagsdont rush
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

I'm townhall 8, and i have all level 6 walls, 74 level 7 walls, and 2 level 8 walls. I made the ninja decision to rush my townhall because of the new stuff like dark elixir and wizard towers and stuff. But listen to me: ITS NOT WORTH IT! I'm trying to max my townhall 8, but i diddnt max my townhalls before townhall 8, so it will take a long time. Max everything, including walls, because if you rush to townhall 10, you will have to get to level 11 walls, and if you have all leve 7 walls, thats 5 levels to upgrade FOR EACH WALL. Trust me, dont rush; max.