how to win on attack (TH6)

Posted onJun 18th, 2014
Author bar_p111
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Today i will give you tip how to win on attack (this tip is for TH6) first, we use on the "Lightning Spell" and we put him on the mortar/TH. secend, we take some "wall breaker"(2~5) and we let them broke the wall, we need to break wall near Defenses. Now we will take your Giant(7~9) and thay will get in and start to attack the Defenses, and we put Archer out from the wall for they attack the Defenses to. now you need to Destroyed the Air Defense, after you Destroyed it, put out hilers Now you can go whit goblins Or Barbarans that your Decision or you can do hafe goblins and hafe barbarans, and get them to attack the place, on thise time the defenses are Destroyed and now take all the money and have fun :)