Sam_Games On: Town Hall Rushing

Posted onJul 2nd, 2014
Author Sam_Games
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Ahhh, Town Hall rushing, I see it soo much, what i barely get is, Why? I mean, I know You want X-Bows, but , Really? There is a loot penalty, which in dumber words, means you dont make as much money :/ . Personally, Just wait till your max to upgrade. I rushed to Th7 , and, DAYYUUUMMM, I regretted it. I know im a wee bit biased, but come on! you have seen those wimpy Th10s with 10 walls and no base. A tip to new clashers, max everything, even low town halls like th3, believe me, it will be worth it... This went from a tip to a rant.... Well, hope people read my first tip/rant. maybe it will save a noobs clashing experience... Or not 😝 Rant/Tip By: Sam_Games