Town Hall Rushing

Posted onJul 29th, 2014
Author BoneChiller
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Rushing the Town Hall to the next level as quick as possible is not very wise. Although it seems reasonable considering you get more and better defenses unlocked, it does not do so well for guarding against attacks. For example, I am currently at Town Hall 7 on my highest-level account. But I saw a Town Hall 8 base that I wouldn't have to use much effort against to score 100%, 3 stars. In fact, I have seem some intimidating Town Hall 6 bases, because they were "maxed out." Here are my tips: -Max out your Town Hall before upgrading to the next level (perhaps exclude TH levels 1-2). -*To save gems for the next builder, do not use or try not to use any gems to instantly finish things (until you get the number of builders you desire - the max is 5 [five]). Clear debris. Get achievements. * - Random tip