How to farm at ANY town hall level

Posted onAug 18th, 2014
Author llacey15
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Step 1: Make a farming base There are 2 ways to go about this step, you can either find a farming base online (just search th(#) farming base), or you can create your own. When creating a farming base, remember that trophies will be your last concern. Place your town hall outside of your base, either in a corner or just outside the base. Most people of a lower level or players trophy pushing, will attack purely the town hall. You will lose some trophies, but in return it gives you a 12 hour shield, and you only lose 1,000 gold and elixir. Moving to the next step of making a farming base, resource placement. Most of your resources will be near the middle. I personally prefer having my dark elixir storage (town hall 7+) near the exact middle, with my other resources near the middle surrounded by a different set of walls, so that the enemy can't get all of your resources all at once. Some people prefer their clan castle in the middle, giving the clan castle troops a bigger area to protect if you have them. Example of a farming base: ayout-84901 Step 2: Attacking Spend very little training troops. Using strategies such as BARCH or BAM and even Balloonion (Google guides for more info) are good practices, as they don't cost very much loot, and can be used to attack different types of bases. Make sure to get at least 50% though, or else you could drop out of a good trophy range. Which brings me to my next tip, trophy ranges. A good trophy range for farming is different depending on what town hall you are or what you are farming. A good trophy range to stay at for town hall 7 and 8 is about 1200-1400. Trophy ranges can be found here: