GOWIPE Th10 Champ attack strategy

Posted onSep 7th, 2014
Author hahaha1
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

GO-GOLEM WI-WIZARD/WALLBREAKER PE-PEKKA Bring 2 golems, 2 pekkas, 10 wallbreakers, rest wiz and if you have 3 or less extra space, put archers. Spells- 1 jump spell, 2 freeze spells, 1 rage spell, and 1 lightning spell. Optional: In your Clan castle bring a witch or 2 and extra wiz. Works better with heroes but is still good without heroes. First, send Golems from the 2 weakest sninjas. Throw your clan castle behind with wizards. Spam wallbreakers to the townhall. Throw jumpspell near townhall and send Pekkas and heroes into the middle. Throw freeze spells on infernos if they are targeting your golems, pekkas, or heroes. Throw rage spell when troops are attacking townhall. Use Hero ability when heroes are low on health. If the clan castle troops come out from the enemy clan castle, try lightning spell on the witch or the clan castle troops. If you have extra archers, pick of extra buildings to help you get the second star. This technique will usually get you a 2 star and sometimes a 3 star. Guaranteed to get you a 1 star if you follow steps carefully. Great for wars too :)