For TH5 attackers

Posted onOct 10th, 2014
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Troops trained: (I have room for 115) -8 Giants= (40) -40 Barbs -35 Archers (You can do 40Arch+35Barb, 45Barb+30Arch etc...) -A lighting ninjaion Attacking: Go to a base w/ -Defenses in clumps, or close to walls -Mortar+Wizard tower are close to each other -Walls that you have the power to break through (lvl4) Strategy 1. Use the ninjaion on the area where mortar+tower are, go more for the mortar, you want that thing down fast. 2. Use the giants to get to the clumps of defense 3. Sninja barbs to distract defenses from giants 4. Sninja archers to help from the outside 5. Sprinkle remaining troops here and there as needed, remember DEFENSE GOES DOWN FIRST!!!