#1 Rule for the Active Clasher

Posted onNov 25th, 2014
Author Hawker
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

What do I mean by active Clasher? For the purposes of this tip, it means someone who wants to have the highest level defenses and troops possible. If that is not your goal, you may want to ignore this tip. If it is, pay attention. There are 2 things essential to maxing troops and defenses - time, and resources. Therefore, you should focus on 2 things: 1) keep your lab busy at all times and 2) keep your builders busy at all times, in that order. IMO, the lab is more important than builders since there is only one lab vs multiple builders. Also, having higher lvl troops allows you to farm more effectively, which you MUST do in order to achieve these goals. That begs the obvious question - how do you get the resources? Short answer, learn the art of farming - indeed, the key to success in CoC!