Always max out your base before going to a higher TH!

Posted onJun 21st, 2013
Author WwoeSsi
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Yes, you do get X-bows at TH9 and inferno at 10, and yes you can make better monsters and other cool things, but most people don't know one of the most important concepts in clash of clans!

The amount of recources you can farm on other players bases, but also the amount of recources other players will loot on YOUR base, depends on the difference between your TH and the other player's TH!

Firstly, the amount of loot you can get out of a players storages is capped. After that, the TH-factor is calculated and performed.

TH-factors: Difference: Percentage of Loot:

  • +3 or more 200%
  • +2 150%
  • +1 110%
  • 0 100%
  • -1 90%
  • -2 50%
  • -3 25%
  • -4 or less 5%

This means that you will get attacked more by better players when you have a better townhall, and you will find less recources when farming!