-Don't advance to TH9 until you upgrade all structures -With TH9, you don't get additional resource farms, so upgrading everything in TH8 first is crucial!(walls should at least all be purple, but I suggest getting 20+ bone walls) -With TH9 you get reduced loot from all lower TH, also making it better to maximize everything before advancing! -Upgrading your hidden structures and less distinguishable upgrades can also be heavily in your favor. -Make sure not to spend too much Dark Elixer, I suggest getting your barbarian king to level 9+ and calculate how much DE you can get in 10 days (youll want to make ArcherQueen ASAP! -dont redesign your base right away! add walls around existing layout, and upgrade them to gold walls, then start filling in with defense structures (or upgrade to your own discretion) -Make sure to be a part of a clan that favors wars! this extra bit of resource bonus can make a huge difference, and also a load of xp from donates (mass giants and click the war screen, start donating bottom up and fill everyones CC with giants if you want to have a better chance at winning+Great xp) Thanks for reading, and i hope this helps get you places! GL HF!