A clan whose is a friendly clan and needs urgent help!!!

Posted onAug 17th, 2015
Author Simant
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

ninjao/Namaste/Hola amigos my fellow clashers of this game!!!!!
My friend dragonfx was in a clan named Survivors but due to some reasons he had to leave so he has now made a clan named Crimson Reaper.... Guys i request you to please join this clan and make it a real success because i don't want my friend's 40000 gold to go waste.... 
And yes, if u hav any friends who r playing coc, pls tell them also to hop in this clan for which can help in it in progressing.... I once again end my tip by requesting you to join this clan and make it a great succcesss!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You.
Yours faithfully,