How to - Get Promotions and EXP!

Posted onFeb 7th, 2015
Author Oinkey
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

When getting into a clan, people often want promotions, though this isn't always instant, so here are some tips to getting your clan members to recognize your capabilities and worth and get some pretty good exp on the way!------------------------------first things first, obey there order, it may be hard but they made rules and they seemed to have worked out fine if they have a good number of people. Donating is key, and if you are about to go to war, the war preparation screen is your best friend for exp, start MASSING GIANTS, and donate starting at the bottom and work your way up, you will not only get loads of exp... and less elixir, but your clan mates will be able to make more reliable attacks in war, and it will show for it next to your name, leaders love good donaters! Another thing is you'll want to be friendly and help out people with what you know about the game in the clan chat, if your always on the chat, youll be more recognized and thats always a plus! (p.s - if your nice to poeple, tninja be nice to you...Promotional nice!)