TH8 Complete Bible - Be an asset for your clan.

Posted onAug 19th, 2015
Author neoshinji90
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Before I start, as mentioned on the title, these tips were intended for war oriented TH8 players, which mean, you wanted to be an asset for your clan in war and not a liability. Furthermore, preferable, you already have 5 builders. So clashers, let's start!


1. Laboratory

This is the first building you should upgrade whenever you move up to the next Town Hall. Why? You always wanted to stay ahead of your possible opponent or at least in par with them in term of offensive strengths, so, you could always contribute to your clan with 3 stars possibilities instead of 1 star or 2 stars. I'm not saying defend is not important, but there will always be a player in the enemy clan who could 3 stars your base especially higher Town Hall players, so if in not defend, you could at least contribute in offense right?


After you done with the upgrading of you laboratory, you would want to ensure that its working 24/7 for you. So which troop you should upgrade first based on your Town Hall level? For me I did it according to the following orders:


Laboratory Research Guides:

TH8: Dragon to level 3 - Hogs until level 4 - Wizards to level 5 - Balloon to level 5 - Pekka until level 3 - Golem and other troops/spells.


Why dragon always the first one?

Mass dragons are the most effective attacking force for low/mid TH8, so you would want to ensure to upgrade them first as you could help your clan mates by donating troops for war as well.


Why Hogs to lvl 4?

At certain point in TH8, you will meet formidable opponents with much difficult bases to 3 star with dragons and you soon will realise that dragons are no longer as effective as during TH7 and early TH8. So hogs will give you varieties, some bases are hard to 3 star with dragons as those bases are made to ensure your dragons moving away from Air Defenses. So Hogs level 4 will be your best friends to 3 stars those bases. It’s very easy to identify which base you could 3 stars with hogs or not. Always bear in your mind that, hogs worst nightmare are giant bombs especially double giant bombs. So the less spaces between defend buildings in the base, the less likely for the giant bombs to be put in the inner area of the base. Often bases with lots of blank spaces are not for hogs as it will be hard to predict where your opponent would place those giant bombs. To sum up, to hogs, go for bases with less space/ the blank spaces are easy to access, on the 2/3 layer of the base. Basically, with hogs level 4, you are one scary opponent for the enemy, because by the time you get your lvl 4 hogs, you would already have your level 1 ninjakka and golem as well. So, you could hurt your enemies any way you like, mass hogs, mass dragons and obviously gowipe. 


2. New defensive buildings

Get your new air defence, mortar, archer tower, tesla and wizard tower in par with your current defensive buildings in term of level, i.e. balance them up.


4. Air Defences

 Next, you better max up you air defences fast because your opponent would often use mass dragons. Get 2 of your builders working on air defences, especially the third air defence if you just moved to TH8.


5. Storages

While upgrading your air defences, you would want to leave another two builders to mainly focus on maxing your storages since you will need more Dark Elixir storage space for Hogs level 4.


6. Barrack

And while upgrading two air defences and storages simultaneously, you will have 1 extra builder left, put him on one of your level 9 barrack, so we could have our very first third tier level troop, Pekka.


7. Dark Barrack

After done maxing one of your storages, put one builder on your already level 2 Dark Barrack. That one builder will solely work to max out that Dark Barrack until you get Golem.


8. Dark Spell Factory

It’s time to build our dark spell factory and getting that poison spell. Well, although it doesn’t give that much damage to dragon, but it’s still useful against troops with low hit point.


 9. Archer Towers ,Teslas and Wizard Towers

Your next defend against dragons would be archer tower and Tesla, put 3 of your builders to level them up one by one respectively, go for balance ninjaod, for example, after you get all archer towers to level 5 then you upgrade all of them to level 6.


10. Air Sweeper

Get your air sweeper to max. After you done with your air sweeper, your base would technically be an anti-dragon base with a proper base design. Level 3 mass dragons attacks wouldn’t able to stand against all max air defensive buildings.


11. Walls (Only for TH8)

Reserved one of your builder to mainly upgrading walls, so you can just farm and upgrade those walls while waiting for your other builders and chemists done with their work. Why walls? The purpose of upgrading walls early because you might face some opponents who already have pekka and golem to wreck up you base. So, you at least would want to upgrade walls that protecting your town halls to max level, well, just to slow down pekkas and golems. The more you invest on this, the better, because it’s like a preparation for you to defend against those kind of attack real soon. Bear in mind, higher level defences building means you will face a stronger opponents, so you will need stronger walls when you already max out your air defences.


12. Traps (Giant Bombs)

Of course your giant bombs are your first priority as compare to other traps to avoid being owned by mass hogs attacks.


13. Cannon and Mortars

Cannon and mortar would be the last defensive buildings to max out. Put one builder on each of them respectively and upgrade each of them one by one as I mentioned in step number 8.


14. Dark Barrack and Barrack

After you max out all your defensive buildings, it’s time to max out your dark barrack and all your normal barracks.


15. Dark Spell Factory

Max out your dark spell factory, just to have the earthquake spell.


16. Collectors and Traps

Lastly, it’s time to get our all collectors to level 12 and other traps such as air bombs and etc.


So, basically that is how I play, if you follow all the steps, by the time you getting your level 4 hogs, you would still be at the bottom rank aninja TH8 players in your clan, but obviously you are much stronger in offend as compare to them. Well, I don’t mind to fight weaker opponent when I have level 3 dragons and level 4 hogs. However, if you do have better suggestions or other way of doing it, do write some comments below. I would like to know how you did it and why you did it in such a way.