How to choose an Attack in a Clan War

Posted onMar 13th, 2015
Author Pierre ninja
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Alright people, I know that if you are reading this tip, you most probably have issues when attacking in clan wars. I know they are nerve wracking, but really, there are only THREE things to look out for when attacking in a clan war.
1. AIR DEFENCES Does the opponent have really good Air defence? If not, it is advisable to do an Air raid, which could consist of the following ->Drags Basic dragon spam (rage spells recommended) ->Balloons You just spread balloons all around one part of the base. (rage spells are recommended for this raid) ->Balloonion Balloons and minions, a basic raid like Barching(barbs and archers) just air based, and don't forget the rage spells, if you don't have rage, just use heal ->Lavaloonion When you have this, you most probably will not be reading this tip, but it is basically putting down two lava hounds and then spamming your balloons and minions all round, remember rage/heal However, if you opponent DOES have good Air Defence, move on to my next part
2. SINGLE DAMAGE (Archer Towers, Cannons)/ SPLASH DAMAGE(Wizard Towers, Mortars) If your opponent has good single target but absolutely terrible splash damage, The following is advised ->Giant-Healer The basic Giant-Healer strat is basic, but requires good strategy and spell placement. And remember THE HEALER SHOULD NEVER COME OUT UNLESS THE AIR DEFENCE IS DOWN. But before that, bring heal spells, more mobile and easier to land, this should help take out the AD, and it is only then that you place your healer down. Bring archers with you for the rest (honestly, wizards can also do the job) ->G-Wiz Giant Wizards are pretty common, as you commonly see a horde of giants tanking insane damage, and a horde of wizards dishing out even more damage, pretty strong, but i prefer Giant-Healer(heal spells REQUIRED if using this raid ->GOWIPE You will definitely not be seeing this when you are at that level, but this is the single best raid one can ever come up with. Golems, the tankiest units in the game are the ones to go in first.(they split into golemites when they die, how cool is that?!) When they soak up all the damage, you just release the gates of ninja upon the opponent's base, sending in four P.E.K.K.As and 10 wizards, and with the help of a few rage spells, you should just watch the magic happen However, if your opponent has good splash and single target, Carry on with the Giant-healer and GOWIPE strat, but sninja the G-wiz.
3. WALLS/TRAPS/CLAN CASTLE TROOPS The walls play a part too, and to counter people with good walls, go Air Attack, but refer to the section on Air defence to decide whether to actually do it, if not, just follow on with the ground attacks, just remember to add in some wallbreakers. Keep in mind where you might think the traps are, so that you can change the direction of your attack based on this information. Clans castle troops can ruin your day if you are not careful. So remember that when you attack in a war, you check your enemy's clan castle, as you can tell when you tap on their clan castle when you scout them out. If the number is anything more than 0, remember to lure out cc troops FIRST. Then again guys, if the opponent you plan on attacking has both good Air Defence, Single target AND Splash damage, then best is to leave that base to the better players in your team.