Storages or Pumps? Where is the gold and elixir?

Posted onJul 13th, 2013
Author Flea Flick
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

The worst is expending resources attacking an empty storage unit. In your 30 precious seconds, you can figure out in most instances where to focus your troops. First check for black elixir pumps. If they are full of black elixir (see the little box on the top of the pump - if it is all black then it's full), then most likely you should focus on getting the pumps and mines first. If your opponent doesn't have a black elixir pump, then look at the regular elixir pumps and gold mines. Sometimes they will appear full of elixir (see tube that holds elixir) and/or full of gold (see the little square, wooden box into which the gold cart dumps). If EITHER are full, then most likely they are ALL loaded to the max with elixir gold. NOTE: A lower level item could be full at the same time a higher level one is not, so this is not full-proof. Finally, you can look at the storages, sometimes (not all) a full storage will visually appear full. Of course, often the storages are hard to read. Finally, if you conclude that the pumps and mines are full, attack an outer-lying one first. If you see a healthy flourish of gold or elixir pop up, then you've read them correctly and you should attack those first. When they down, see how much gold and elixir is left, often you've gotten the lion share of their resources without even needing to breach a wall!! Please share hear any other trips or tricks here relating to this important attack topic.