How to stay in Crystal League (2000+) and still farm!

Many of us rush to the high leagues, either getting there then falling back to gold 2 in a matter of days or topping out at gold 1. For anyone who isn't a top 1000 player , like most of us, crystal is a hard league to hold. Level 6 Archers, Giants, Golems, 20+ level 5 hog attacks and many other forms of overninja attackers raid your base, stealing all your hard earned resources and feasting on your hard earned trophy's. Thinking of farming that high up with out level 11 Archer Towers and Cannons. It isn't, I will show you how. I assume you have at least a Town Hall 8 or above. Ideally, you want a Town Hall level 8 since I'm writing it from that perspective. Town Hall 7 might be able to draw a few tips from the guide to survive the upper gold league. The tips are not aimed at those trying to save up for dark elixir upgrades. The main thing you need to have in running an effective high trophy level farming base is a farming base set up that can prevent 3 star attacks at least 80% of the time against level 6 troops. A base set up like the one Ill link are effective at getting an 30-75% -ed by most. Many for the 50% + were one star attacks. Key design ideas: Force troops to move in ninja directions through out the base. That way they can be effectively controlled and acclimated. Place Clan Castle in the center so they can not be lured out until the enemy is distracted by defenses. Place your heroes in the center as well with your Clan Castle for the same reason. If the enemy can't lure out the clan troops and the heroes before they are deep into the attack, they will take heavily losses and you will take less losses. A good system of paths connecting defenses together that are 1 wide with Spring Traps is a good catch for Giants and hogs. Once you have your base set up, you need to get your attack strategy. The push to crystal league, assuming you have the base set up should involve using more expensive troops than regular farming would use. Use of Wall Breakers, Giants and hogs are recommended accounting for about 100-120 of your army. The other 100- 80 that remains should have a set of 5 Barbarians, 10 Goblins and the rest Archers. Trade the Goblins for more Archers if you don't like Goblins in general or don't know how to use them well. If your using hogs riders to take out defenses, take at least 2 Healing Spells. If your using Giants, use 2 Rage Spells. The last spell should be a Lightning Spell. If your consistently find that your Hog Riders and Giants leave no half damaged pesky defenses behind, trade it for a healing or Rage Spell. You should look for bases with free buildings like builder huts on the corners and exposed Clan Castles and heroes. These bases benefit being able to lure out and ninja clan troops and heroes easily. The free buildings build up percentage so your more likely to get 50 and at least walk away with trophy's. Use your Barbarians first near the Clan Castle or in any area you suspect has traps. Save one for the deployment place of your hogs, Giants and Wall Breakers. Once you destroy the clan troops and heroes. Place a Barbarian at the sninja you plan to launch your Giants/hog attack. Make sure it walks on the open sections where you will sninja in your hogs/Giants. Once the Bombs and traps are removed let them down and let them do work. Use the healing and Rage Spells to allow them to destroy a lot of the defenses. Once they clear an area out, deploy your Archers in the cleared out areas. If any defenses like Mortars and Archer Towers remain half damaged, use a Lightning Spell on it to destroy it. Do not do this if you have less than 30 seconds left or the defense doesn't have the range to attack your reaming troops. Use the spell if you have 48 or 49 percent when your troops are gone. Once you reach 2000 trophy's, your attack system should change. You should settle down and get shields from those who attack your Town Hall. Your should aim to stay just below 2000 at all times. Attacking bases at 2000 trophy's is harder. Be selective of the base you chose to attack. You should use at least one heavy troop such as a Dragon or PEKKA. Your army should consist of 1 being a heavy troop (20-25 cap). 10-25 Hog Riders (50-125cap) 5 - 10 Barbarians (5- 10cap) and the rest Archers. Have 2 Healing Spells and a Lightning Spell handy. The basic attack tactic is the lure out the heroes and Clan Castle troops with 5 of the Barbarians then using the Archers to eliminate the hostile troops. The use the remaining 4 Barbarians to destroy any buildings left the side and unguarded. The last Barbarian is used to clear the landing zone of the hogs. Deploy all your hogs at once or in two sninjas .Save a Barbarian to ensure the second group has a safe landing zone. Use Healing Spells as the hogs take damage, while that is going on, let your heavy troop go and destroy the outer buildings. Deploy any reaming Archers to help the heavy troop. If all goes well you should have at least a 1 star. When you start getting into the 2100 range, start using the 100 Archer, 100 Barbarian combination to attack so you save resources, even if it means losing a battle or two. Be sure to balance out trophy gaining with farming. You the dark exliar intensive attacks to regain trophy's and the cheap, fast attacks when your set trophy wise. There, how ever is a better way of getting fast, easy trophy's. Running a farming base at the 2000 trophy range is a breeding ground for quick trophy pickings for those who Town Hall ninjat. These guys, are the kind that run up fast the leagues fast, then get hammered down as they try to scoot back up. At the 2000 trophy level, few farm and bases that offer fast, free trophy's are rare. When ever a people are dire need of trophy's to avoid falling below 1900 or to quickly reach 2000, they attack the Town Hall then leave. Leaving your a shield. This gives you the ability to let your collectors, mines and drills gather resources for you to use. Not to mention, the ability to hammer the guys grabbing the quick 7 trophy's for 40+ trophy's. Simply revenging these guys when they lack a shield and are in the crystal league or higher will earn you 40+ trophy's easily compared to high level bases that you couldn't make dent in. Its an easy way to get attacked 5 times then regain your trophy's in one revenge attack. Slow and steady, the advantages to staying the crystal are: Your more likely to get people to join your clan since they know your a high level. Your getting tons of resources per battle including dark exliar. Your also going to be able to get into more clans. If your just starting level 8 Town Hall. I would not recommend trying to push to crystal league. Id recommend this only to those who actively seek out players in global chat to join their clan and for those who are not very good at traditional farming ninjaods. The ninjaod uses loot bonus to get the resources, so no need target the resources. Thank you guys for reading. Please note that grammar and general writing mechanics are not my strong suit and I struggle at it. I have done my best to edit the guide and hope you understand the concepts. I hope you took soninjaing from it. Hold on to that blue trophy count symbol!