How to use internet base layouts best!

Posted onJul 12th, 2018
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

As you know, bases from the Internet that work well get very popular over time, so here are some basic rules you should always mind when using bases you find on the internet, like Youtube, Clashofclans-tools, or any other source you might mind.
Flip Bases
Do flip the base by 90 degrees, so those attackers that have already a strategy against your base will be confused and mess up their attack!
Modify Traps
Never leave the traps, especially outside Giant Bombs, Spring Traps and Seeking Air Mines in the location as found online! They are one key to defensive success and surprise is your momentum - don't give it away and change them around (even if that's only a little bit)
Do not use outdated bases
I know it's tempting to use the base with the most up-votes, but look at it this way: the older a base is, the more votes it gets and there's no way people down-vote a base with a lot of up-votes. I mean ring bases e.g. used to be THE ones 1-2 years ago but are now so outdated that a goat can 3-Star them.
Don't waste effort in the "old-time classic" bases but use bases that are not older than 1 month!
I'm checking good bases from the Internet every month and hand out the best ones for TH6 Bases, TH7 Bases, TH8 Bases, TH9 Bases, TH10 Bases, TH11 Bases and TH12 Bases here.