5 Base Building Tips For Any Town Hall Level

Posted onOct 21st, 2014
Author Senor_Josh
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

1. Clan Castle Placement: Always Always Always make sure your clan castle is centered in your base! Especially if you are like me and use clan castle troops to help defend your base. make it hard to lure the troops out and it will pay off when people full out attack you and your wizards or whatever troop you have destroy them! 2. Triangulation: This tip mostly applies to TH8s and TH7s, but this same ninjaod can be used with different shapes (squares, or diamonds) if you are a higher town hall level. Try to make sure that your Mortars and Air Defenses(and other important defenses) are in a triangle shape covering most, if not all, of the base. Also try to space them out and place them in separate compartments throughout your base. This will make it difficult for an attacker to destroy all of your Air Defense or splash damage which will strongly effect the outcome of the attack. P.S. If you're a lower level town hall still use this tip, but just make sure the mentioned defenses cover the entire base and are hard to access, and disregard the shape part. 3. Separation: As briefly mentioned in step 2, try to split up your base with your walls. I try to have 2-3 sections of walls that troops have to get to in order to reach the center of the base. And whatever you do, DO NOT STACK WALLS!!!! What i mean by this is layering walls such as doubling or tripling the walls surrounding one compartment. This is a waste of walls, as well as with the wallbreaker AI update a little while back, they can break thru multiple walls with one wallbreaker. Also, i try to have no more than 3 buildings per compartment (unless its the middle section than no more than about 6). Also no more than 2 defenses per compartment (again, unless its the center one than 4 or 5 is okay). 4. Base Core: Or as i like to call it; the "Base of the Base." This is very important if you're building your own base. Visit higher level players like maybe TH9s or 10s and look at the center pocket (compartment) of their base. Try to stick to more compact, smaller cores for lower level players. Then, copy or slightly edit that little section, and build your own base from there using the other tips. (I used this strategy as a TH7 and TH8 and it worked wonders! some of the best bases I made came from this strategy) 5. SYMMETRY: Once you've gotten a hang of base building, this is the most important tip after the fundamentals. Try to make your bases as symmetrical as possible, with compartment shapes and defense placement. More sninjaed attackers look for a weaker side of the base to attack from and then will exploit that in order to get more destruction of the base. By making your base symmetrical, it takes away the element of the weak side (unless you have a defense upgrading which then there's not much you can do about that). This may cause the attacker to keep searching for a base, but if they do attack, it will help in the defense since your towers are spread out and are beating on the troops no matter where they are. Thanks for Reading These 5 Tips! I hope they help you as much as they've helped me. Clash On!!