Way To Get Champion League (Th9)

Posted onApr 15th, 2015
Author hamoon360
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

hi Guys
This is a New Topic that u learn how u get champion league - (2000 - +3200)
requried Troops for easy pushing :

Archer - Barbarian Lev 6 (Requried For 2000-2400 Trophies)
Hog Rider Lvl 5 (Requried For 2400-2800 Trophies)
Balloon Lev 6 - Minion +4 (Requried for +2800 Trophies)
Gowipe (All Maxed / Th9 queen and king +15) (Requried for +2800 Trophies)


Please Don't Forget This :
IF U WANT TO GET THIS LEAGUE Faster , please don't forget that u should boost ur spell factory


With LVL 6 archer and barbarian ( Barching Strategy ) :
in crystal 3 -1 , all of bases are easy to get 50% destroying + Low TROOPS Cost (very cheap) 
camp : 100 barbarians (~) + 120 Archers (~)
spells: 2 lightning spells and 2 healing spells . of course everything u think its better...


With Hog riders strategy ( LVL 5 REQURIED ! ) (Works During Crystal - Master 2 )
there are so many th9s until Crystal - master 2 league - AND U can get many dark elixirs
100% destroying
camp : +35 hog riders + archers
don't forget , if u boost ur spell factory , about 44 minutes , ur barbarian king and Queen and spells and Camp will be ready for attack
Spells : 1 rage + 3 healing spells or "" 4 healing spells.

Balloonion strategy ( requried lvl 6 balloon (only lvl 6 :D) And lvl 4+ minion )
what should u do ?
50% destroying of maxed bases (th10!) ,
how u do this ?
targets: archer towers ( if defender's air defenses cant see the archer towers)
if defender's archer tower are in center of his \ her base, u can get easy 50% with minions
. u should clear defender's clan castle troops with lighting
and u must attack who that his\her base give u up to +30 trophies (one star=+10)
for bases that archer towers are out side of base. u must destroy them with 2-5 loons (if air defense can damage ur loons)
dont forget:
u should search very much ? for why ? because u may get lose for attacking maxed bases
this strategy for pushing trophies is easier and more stable than barching or full arch strategy!
u can get champion league with one staring (if u have lvl +20 king and queen u may get 2 stars easier!)
camp: 26 balloons +45 minions
spells: 1 lightning spell and 3 rage spell (for why i dont use healing spell? because my and ur targets are archer towers!)
gowipe th9 strategy , maxed th9 (golem +3 , pekka lvl 3 ...) king and queen +15
very stable strategy for pushing but its expensive and u may lost all of your elixirs when u r pushing ur trophies!
like normality th10 gowipe, u should bring 2 or 3 golems and 2 or 3 pekkas...
dont use witch for this strategy.
for more information about this strategy , in youtube , search "th9 specialist" . this is a good clan that all of members are th9 with master+ league . nice gowipe attacking!
Thank u for reading 
Hamoon , From "BeTninjast" clan