TH7 - Dark Elixir Farming (v2.0)

Posted onDec 27th, 2014
Author Skeletoneous
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

**ninjaOD 1 (not recommended): Bombard the Dark Elixir storage with Lightning Spells [800+ available DE as loot]. This ninjaod is not highly recommended for a few reasons: 1) It can be costly with Elixir, and there's no guarantee you will obtain a good deal of the DE on Lightning Spells alone 2) It can make you lose trophies (albeit farming isn't usually used for Trophy ninjating anyway, but...), dropping you into a lower league and decreasing probability of finding [active] bases with good loot 3) From my personal experiences, people don't really like having this done to them :p. **ninjaOD 2: Barching (Barbarians+Archers). If your Army Camp capacity is 200 troops, try a 1:3 Barbarian-to-Archer ratio (50 Barbarians, 150 Archers), or adjust accordingly. The league you are in can affect the length of the process of obtaining DE. For example, I have heard loot is more than decent in the Crystal League. Beware of strong defenses in higher leagues. Generally, but not always, bases in higher leagues have sound defenses. But even with good defenses, ninjayze the base layout and wall placement. Imagine where traps, choke-holds, funnels, etc. could be. If you want to, create lightning spells to take out a pesky Mortar or Wizard Tower. Strategically space out your troops versus placing them all in a single sninja. Try throwing in a couple Giants (for tanking) and Wall Breakers (for clearing a path of least resistance). [I usually never use more than 8 Giants and 2-4 Wall Breakers when I do a normal raid, but that's just me; with Barching, try at least 2, 4, or 6 Giants and 2 Wall Breakers, or whatever works best for you]. **TROOP LEVEL: I recommend maxing out your Barbarian and Archer's level for your Town Hall level. If used, Giants should be at least level 2 or 3 (if used for tanking purposes only; otherwise, level 3+), and Wall Breakers at least level 3. Level 4 is the max for all these at TH7 with a Level 5 Laboratory.