High efficiency farming - TH8 and above

Posted onOct 18th, 2014
Author Woodring-99
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

If you use gems try this for farming. Boost all regular troop barracks, leave dark barracks at normal. Fill two with barbs and two with archers and train about 20 minions. Recommend at least level 5 barbs and archers and lv 3 minions. Once your army camps are full, important step, go refill regular barracks to max and about 20 mins once again. They are now queued and will train as you attack! Find a juicy base, take your time and hit next until you find one, get your sweet loot. As soon as you are finished, you should be close to having a full set of troops again! Rinse, wash and repeat. At TH9, I could get at least 2million elixer and gold plus 5k DE in the 2 hour boost time. Good Clashing - Wood.