How to make billions with barch

Posted onJul 20th, 2015
Author OrbWeaver
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

"The only army you'll ever need to farm"
About Me:
My name is Orbweaver and I'm a max TH9 who has farmed well over 700 million gold/elixir. I have stolen 90% of that with nothing but Barch from the time I was TH1 all the way to now and will continue to do so well into TH10. I have been playing this game for well over a year and have made well over 5000 Barch attacks.
Barch is a portmanteau of the words barbarians and archers. A good barch army has an near equal amount of each. Barch is effective at stealing gold/elixir/DE from collectors and as your army grows and you add in spells it can also be effective at stealing from storage's as well. If performed well you will not find it difficult obtaining one-two stars from your attacks as well.

  • Cheap (Barch armies do not cost much to build)
  • Fast (Barch armies do not take much time to build)
  • Effective (Can destroy a large number of buildings rather quickly)


  • Weak to splash damage (Wiz towers, mortars)
  • Difficult to ninja walls and damage deep into a base

Army Composition:
As the name suggests this army will be mainly comprised of barbarians and archers. But as you grow in power it would be wise to bring a small number of other troops and spells. While an equal number of barbs and archers will be effective I find the best ratio to be:

  • 55% Barbarians
  • 45% Archers

I also find it wise to bring 8 wall breakers (less if your army camps are too small) and 5 hog riders (once you have unlocked them) as these troops can really turn the tide of a battle and enable you to start farming storage's.
Healing spells are what you want with you. Try not to use your spells unless absolutely necessary or if your are trying to ninja the base to earn a prize (a full DE storage for example). If you have the space bringing a rage spell can also be advantageous. With the introduction of poison spells I recommend you always bring at least one of these (once unlocked) as a full clan castle of wizards can really turn your attack into a bad day.
At the lower levels the easiest loot you will find will be from full exposed collectors (this would be your gold mines/elixir pumps and DE pumps). You will find these on inactive bases where the owners have not logged in for awhile and have not collected their resources. It is VITAL you know the visual differences between an empty collector and full collector. 
These are what you are going to be looking for when choosing the right base to Barch. It is also important to note if they have their collectors out in the open or behind walls. If they put them behind walls they will be more difficult to loot.
Two big indicators of inactive bases will be:

  • Trees/Rocks/Bushes not cleaned up
  • Lots of grave stones around the base that have not been cleaned up

DE Drill Empty
DE Drill Empty
DE Drill Full
DE Drill Full
A great looking base to Barch (Notice the gravestones)
A great looking base to Barch (Notice the gravestones)
The Strategy:
Once you have located a good base for a Barch attack then you have two goals:

  • Gain as much gold/elixir/de as possible
  • Destroy 50% of all building or the townhall for at least one star

Start by identifying any "freebie" buildings. A freebee building is any building that is outside of the protective range of a defensive building. These are buildings such as in the base above (the clan castle, the spell factory, the builders huts in the corners, ect) where you can drop one archer and destroy those buildings. Take as many of these out before launching your attack as every little building counts when going for one star. You will find one archer to be sufficient to be able to destroy most of these freebie buildings. Wait until you have destroyed these building before launching your main attack.
With that out of the way your next goal is to go for the collectors/mines/de pumps. Do this by first deploying some barbarians (to absorb damage) and follow that up with archers (to deal damage). It doesn't take a bunch to be able to destroy mines and pumps so be careful to not deploy too many or too few, you will get a feel for the amount with some experiance.
Next you want to destroy any remaining buildings outside of the walls and try to get 50% for your one star and can use your wallbreakers/hog riders/heroes/clan castle troops here if needed to destroy some buildings inside of the walls to get your 50%.
You will sometimes fail to get one star and this is a set back but in general you will earn more stars than you loose.
Trophy Level:
One final piece of advice. Don't focus on ninjading trophies. Trophies won't buy you walls. You should find the trophy range with the most gold/elixir available to you and stay there (loose on purpose to prevent yo from going too high). Its better to make 200k gold/elixir per attack in gold than it is to make 100k gold/elixir per attack in crystal.