How to Steal Loot Effectively

Effective Looting
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Effective Looting comes in two parts:
 - Troop Composition, (what your army is made up of)
 - Finding the right base
Troop Composition / How to Attack
Finding the complete combination of the troops to able to maximize loot is necessary. This can be done in several ways. The 2 most common ways is attacking using the 'grab-and-go' composition-which is mostly wall breakers, goblins, and heal spells-or you can do a full out raid.
'Grab-And-Go' is the simplest of them all.
 - If you're town hall 9 +, then you should train 10 Wall Breakers, 10 archers, Rest goblins, 4 heal spell, and 1 rage.
 - If you're town hall 7/8, then you train (1) 8 Wall breakers, (2) 4 Archers (3) 120 goblins, and (4) 3/4 Heal Spells.
 - If you're town hall 6 AND lower, then you train (1) 5 Wall Breakers, (2) Rest Goblins, and (3) if possible, a heal spell
A Full Out Raid, is exactly what it is. A Full. Out. Raid. There is one thing to keep in mind though. You should go for the loot, and make sure your profit is higher than the cost. I'll talk more about that in the next part, Finding the right base.
Finding the Right Base.
This is the hard part of an effective raid, because it's sometimes tricky to find a base with tons and tons of loot-enough to outcost the cost of the troops.
For 'Grab-And-Go' raids, you would need to find a base that is close to meeting this criteria:
 - Gold and Elixir combined = over 200k, for TH6 AND below
 - Gold and Elixir combined = over 400k, for TH7 AND above
 - The Elixir pumps should be filled. (You know this by looking that the glass tube in the elixir collector.)
 - The Gold mines should be filled. (You know this by looking at the wooden bucket beside the mine-cart in the gold mine)
** Make sure to be patient, because it will work. I've upgraded all my walls to lvl6 (crystal) in just 2-3 hours from this attack strategy**
For a full out raid -and a successful one- You should be stealing more loot than the amount of loot it took you to train your troops. Even a 50,000 profit from elixir and gold is great for these types of raids.
I hope this guide helped you and if it didn't, then keep searching in Clash of Clans Tools, because it is a great website.
 - naijwu [HaXource]