Farming Tip - Reach for the sky!

Posted onNov 23rd, 2014
Author Hawker
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

It is always good to have a goal, such as, "I want to upgrade a wizard tower". However, there will be times when all of your buildings are busy and you have nothing to spend loot on. What do you do? Having a lot of loot does make you a target for stronger attackers, but there is a "break-even" point. If you reach this point, it means that attackers won't be able to get any more loot than they would have it you only had the break-even amount. Let me ilninjarate. At TH 8, the break-even amount is roughly 2 million. Let's say you are farming and are wondering if you should stop after you reach a certain amount of loot. The max loot at TH 8 is 6 mil assuming you have maxed out your storages. If you reach the 2 mil mark, an attacker will be able to steal the same amount as if you would completely fill up your storages to 6 mil. Therefore, assuming you are an active farmer (a key assumption, admittedly), go ahead and farm well past the 2 mil mark because your are not taking on any more risk than you would otherwise! It makes even more sense as your defenses get stronger, because there will be less enemies that have the ability to reach your storages effectively. Finally, the breakeven points are: 1mil for TH 1-5, 1.1 mil for TH6, 1.5 mil for TH7, 2.1 mil for TH8, 2.9 mil for TH9, and 4 mil for TH10.