TH6 Upgrade Order

Posted onDec 23rd, 2014
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

Unlike at TH5, there are not many different upgrade responsibilities that you will have to shift your attention between. Instead, if you have three builders (which you should at this level), your priorities are to upgrade your Laboratory (so you can start research sooner), your Spell Factory, and then your Army Camps, in that order. Since all of those items cost a lot of elixir, be sure to dump your spare gold into walls. You can always start your new towers or other low-cost buildings while saving up elixir for your Army Camps in order to save builder time. After that, you can work on building out your base at your own leisure in whatever order you prefer. Be sure to start your walls early and upgrade them often, as this is the first level where walls actually start getting a little expensive. You will want to max out your base fully before moving on to TH7. You should have plenty of time to max out your walls and research, as taking all your collectors and mines to level 10 takes about a week. If you do not yet have three builders, make sure you push to 1250 trophies for the “Sweet Victory!” achievement. This achievement pays out 450 gems, easily allowing you to unlock a third builder (if you saved your gems, it should really get you close to a fourth builder!).