10 Tips for Successful Farming

Posted onFeb 7th, 2015
Author LOBOS86
Tagsfarming, loots
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

1- Place all your Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir storages in the center. 2- Protect the storages with defensive structures and traps ( preferably starting with Mortars & Air defensive structures near the center and going from there outwards ). 3- Place the Town Hall at the edge of the map so that it would be solely targeted and you will get a 12-hour shield leaving the rest of the buildings -including the storages- untouched. 4- Place few defensive structures near the peripherally located Town Hall ( Preferably : Hidden Teslas, Barbarian king, Archer Queen or traps and bombs ) so as not to allow the enemy troops to advance further beyond the Town Hall. 5- When searching for an enemy to attack, look for high available loots while concentrating on finding Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir drills that are filled up ( that if you are not holding up to your trophies that much ) . 6- Don't waste time and resources on creating expensive troops for fast and lucrative looting ( deploy cheap troops e.g. Archers or Barbarians applying tip 5 ) 7- Lightning Spells could be helpful when applied on enemy dark elixir storage ( Although not that time or cost effective in general ) 8- Make sure you fill up your clan castle with donated troops from your clan mates before logging off ( They defend the resources esp. if placed in the center ). 9- Try to upgrade your defensive structures esp. walls to surround the storages ( if walls aren't all upgraded, place the highly upgraded walls around the storages as a priority ). 10- Always keep your builders working . Once you reach the amount of resources you need to upgrade a certain building or unit, DO IT !! Don't wait or your loots will be lost in attacks.