Maintain Trophies while farming.

People often don't want to farm because they think they'll lose trophies. I beg to differ. I have been farming for the past 2-3 months without even moving down a league. Here's how... 1. Avoid big attacks-You are going to lose at least 20 trophies in defence everyday, so when you log in your goal shouldn't be to win big battles, as you might lose trophies in the process. Too long didn't read: Go for the farming bases with the town halls at the dead corner as these usually don't have traps. 2. Use low cost armies-WAIT!!! This doesn't mean you can unleash a goblin army because it is cheap. You're goal is to get more trophies, so use armies consisting of troops like Barbarians and Archers. Too long didn't read: Use archers as this is the most ideal troop. Don't try to increase trophies: When you trophy push you are going to lose money which will make farming a waste of time, unless you are farming only gold. Too long didn't read: Don't trophy push; just try to bring back your old trophies. Pro tip: Take revenge on your attacker as he too might be farming. Hope this helps, MadHari