Dark Elixir collection help

Posted onMar 19th, 2015
Author Hossman
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

So how do we get that pesky dark elixir? Well, there are several ways to acquire it. My personal strategy involves being in crystal league 1 then farming for it though various ninjaods which usually drops me down into the gold leagues after im done. These ninjaods aren't for everyone, but hopefully they will help a few looking for that extra boost.
1) harvesting- at level one you get 20 per hour, not exactly a horse out of the gate right? Chances are you don't even have a dark barracks yet to spend it on if your starting out, so this doesn't help you if your looking for it fast. For those wondering how much you can actually get out of harvesting it, it goes up to level 6 currently which will bring it to 100 per hour. At Th 10 you get three drills so that will add up nicely. However, unless your sitting on a shield from someone getting up close and personal with your TH, this isn't the best way.
2) Lightning spell raids- this can get very costly, but can also be the safest way to get the DE, if you don't mind the guy re engine you for it later on, be cuz most people don't appreciate their storages getting struck without a fight. You won't get much without at least having a level 4 spell and if your planning on raiding as fast as possible like this I recommend boosting the spell factory for 10 gems and two hours. Any spell lower then a level 4 won't be worth it, you better off trying to use archers and barbs to fight your way through.
3) Farming raid) too many strategies to go around on how to do this but this has been mine. Find a unit that can take the hits, and then a unit that can push the hits back. Usually I will send maybe 10-12 giants out, six of them spread out while the other six grouped together with a healer behind them. The spread out ones take the damage from other buildings, while your group goes after a main defense target taking them out. Usually I back these guys up with 2-4 wizards, 25 archers and the rest barbs. It can get costly on elixir but the idea is to gain the DE anyways so I usually throw around what elixir I have anyways. Behind this group would be goblins, who will go straight for the resources. Hopefully where you are dropping your Giants it's in the area where the DE is stored.
to locate how much DE your actually going to get out of what, take a look at the back of the DE drill. There is a small storage container coming out of the back of it. If it looks completely white, it's empty, and your target should be the storage itself. If the storage is too hard to get to, move on. If the bottom of the drill storage is covered, there's about 20% in there. If it's half full there's around 60%, and if it's a full black then the drill is full with what you want. Pay attention to those, for you don't want to waste your army on an empty treasure chest.
my recommended combination for looking for dark elixir is 2) and 3) combined. While you have the ability to use spells continue to boost out lightning ones to go for the main storage, and unleash goblins on the outside base drills. If your going to do this I also include barbs, for they can take a decent punch especially if you have 20 and they are cheap, even at lvl 5 they will only cost you 2000 elixir to have as a punching bag. Good luck on your raids.