High Level Air Attack

Posted onAug 23rd, 2013
Author Memoriuhl
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

This is a great high level attack, I have used this for a long time as well as many of the guys in our clan. It has gotten most of us through to around master 3. [50 Minions 24 Balloons] To start you can use this strategy in about 3 effective ways... 1st: Guaranteed 50% - Place down all balloons and then let them mow their way through most of the defenses, when they die out place the other 50 minions to ninja off the rest of the buildings. 2nd: Minions first - Place out all 50 minions to ninja off tons of buildings as well as act as a meat shield, then immediately place down all your balloons. this should get you 0-3 stars. 3rd: Balloons First: Place down all balloons and let them soak up all air defense and splash damage, then allow the minions to take the rest of the buildings behind them out. Happy ninjating :D