Awesome tips for Prosperity

Posted onFeb 23rd, 2014
Author Sir_Cat
Category:Clash of Clans Tips

So, everyone wants to upgrade their town hall, am I right? But there's one don't have enough Gold to do it! And, if you do level up your town hall, but your defenses are only like level 2, people can EASILY attack you! So, how do you prevent all of these things? What to do: 1. Max out Elixir (not sure if I spelled that right) Collectors, Gold Mines, and Gold/Elixir Storages to as high as they can go. 2. Now you should have enough money to max out your defenses. Go ahead and do that. 3. Be patient while all things are upgrading! (I know it's VERY hard!) 4. Now that all your things are maxed out (cannons, mines, collectors, archer towers, etc.) you SHOULD have enough money to upgrade your town hall! 5. Now that your town hall has been upgraded, you moved up into a league with other people with your level town hall. This means you need to fight and defend harder! But the good thing is, you already took care of the defending part! :) 6. Enjoy this tip!